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The Lemon

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The assistive device creates an opportunity for independent movement initialized by the child. It stimulates sliding and crawling skills, strengthens arm and leg muscles and promotes coordination. The child will learn basic correct movement while moving in the desired direction.

The assistive device is intended for various vestibular exercises upon prior consultation with a movement specialist. In this device, the child is positioned on their stomach, which improves lung activity and convergence of vision.

All positioning pads of various hardness and configuration can also be used separately without the basis, to position the child in bed or on the floor. The pads are easy to care for since they are covered in medical-grade leather. The device has wheels with safety locks. Belts will hold the child in a correct position during movement. The pad design also allows for a special cavity for a gastrostomy tube.

The functionality of the product allows:

  • Free choice of movement.
  • Development of sliding skills.
  • Improvement of leg and arm motor function.
  • Overall improvement of body muscles.
  • Opportunities for various types of exercise.
  • A more active everyday life.

Intended heights:

  • The Lemon (S) — 60-110 cm
  • The Lemon (M) — 90-145 cm
  • The Lemon (L) — 135-185 cm




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