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The Crawler

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An assistive rehabilitation device for children with reduced mobility that allows for a semi-upright position. It allows the child to move independently in either of two configurations depending on the selected height:

  • On the knees to kick off and achieve the desired movement. When using the device for longer periods of time, we recommend using soft kneepads to protect the knees from injuries and discomfort.
  • Using feet to kick off and achieve the desired movement.

The functionality of the product allows:

  • Free choice of movement.
  • Development of crawling skills.
  • Improvement of leg and arm motor function.
  • Overall improvement of body muscles.
  • A new field of vision.
  • A more active everyday life.

The partly vertical position stimulates proprioceptors, which are related to formation of adequate joint and bone density as well as proper function of internal organs. The assistive device ensures a wider field of vision and allows to freely use both hands for various activities.

The device is made from birch plywood, which ensures high load-resistance. The padding is covered in medical-grade synthetic leather for easy care. The device has wheels with brakes. Belts will protect the child during movement. The assistive device can be adjusted to the child’s needs and anthropometric specifics.




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