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This is a new type of rehabilitation station that offers countless positioning and exercise possibilities. Modular structure allows to adjust it to countless needs. You can use our recommended set of exercise and positioning options and you can also add your own ideas that would benefit the user. It can be easily transported using underside wheels, but wheels can also be lifted up so that it is fully stationed for safety purposes.

This device can be used for:

  • Support and positioning for sitting and standing.
  • Leg  and arm strengthening exercises.
  • Kicking and punching exercise for range of motion and coordination improvement.
  • Parallel support bar walking.
  • Stepping exercise.
  • etc.

The functionality of the product allows:

  • Improvement of leg and arm motor function.
  • Overall improvement of body muscles.
  • A new field of vision.
  • Bigger variety of activities in everyday life.




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The delivered product may have visual differences from the images. These differences do not affect functionality.
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