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StepByStep Care started with a important turning point. When I fell in love with the girl who would later become my wife, I also met her little brother, Kristiāns. Kristiāns was lucky to have a loving family, but less so with his health. Cerebral palsy – these two words turned the life of Kristiāns and his family upside down.

It took me a while to realize what it means. I started learning about Kristiāns’ world, and we became good friends. Kristiāns wasn’t able to move on his own, which was hard both for his development and for his family. However, what I saw inspired me to help – I got inspired to develop an assistive device for movement, which would allow to bring movement into Kristiāns’ life! With the support of my friends and advice from specialists, the Crawler was born. From the first movements using it, Kristiāns had a smile on his face – he was moving on his own!

I know there are very many kids like Kristiāns in Latvia and all around the world, and all of them would be happy to have an opportunity for independent movement. That is why I have gathered a team to work on developing assistive devices to help such kids. They are designed for convenient use in rehabilitation centers or at home. We use wood materials and bright colors that create feelings of warmth and joy. Our aim is to stimulate a child’s potential for development and provide as much independence as we can!

— Valters Krētainis, founder of StepByStep Care

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Movement is life. Movement is power. Movement is joy.
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