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Movement is life. Movement is power. Movement is joy.

A great way to make your child happy!

Ecology and high quality

In an attempt to care for both children and the environment, the basis of our assistive devices is birch wood grown in Latvia and treated with natural wax.

An innovative solution

We offer high quality rehabilitation opportunities with their ergonomic and easy-to-understand assistive devices that can be used both at rehabilitation facilities and in the comfort of your home.


StepByStep Care started with a important turning point. When I fell in love with the girl who would later become my wife, I also met her little brother, Kristiāns. Kristiāns was lucky to have a loving family, but less so with his health. Cerebral palsy – these two words turned the life of Kristiāns and his family upside down.
I know there are very many kids like Kristiāns in Latvia and all around the world, and all of them would be happy to have an opportunity for independent movement. That is why I have gathered a team to work on developing assistive devices to help such kids. They are designed for convenient use in rehabilitation centers or at home. We use wood materials and bright colors that create feelings of warmth and joy. Our aim is to stimulate a child’s potential for development and provide as much independence as we can!
— Valters Krētainis, founder of StepByStep Care


Dina un Dainis
We realized that moving with the Running Table creates positive emotions both for our child and those around because it’s a fun opportunity for a kid to get to known themself and explore the world around them.
— Dina un Dainis / Parents
Jūlija Cīrule-Galuza
The colorful design of these products and the freedom of movement they provide motivate the child to enjoy using the device every day! I have been working with kids with mobility challenges for nearly 20 years, and I can definitely say that is the most important prerequisite for success.
— Jūlija Cīrule-Galuza / Pediatrician, Head of Children’s Palliative Care at Liepāja Hospital
Using the device develops a child’s needs and possibilities for movement, the activity of exploration, development of orientation skills, attention, it promotes goal-setting in actions and help the formation of independence.
— Review from a special education school / State institution
The walker promotes coordinated activity of the body in taking steps using both sides of the body; the child does not make such movements in everyday life, so this opportunity to move this way has many advantages for the child’s development.
— Evita Štrāle un Anete Nelsone / Physical therapist and ergotherapist
Movement is life. Movement is power. Movement is joy.
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